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Vocational Education Training (VET) Courses!

List of VET (Vocational Eduction Training) courses developed as a part of SSNS Project are shown below. To see the description of courses please click on the partners name, and click on it for the project report

AIT (Aqua-Centre)

  1. Tilapia farming

  2. Sea bass farming
  3. Pangasius/Catfish farming
  4. Snakehead farming
  5. Aquaponics
  6. Oysters / shellfish farming
  7. Seaweed culture
  8. Others


Maejo University 

  1. GAP and Organic fish farming

  2. Tilapia health management

  3. Organic fish feed

  4. Others

Khon Kaen University

  1. Seafood products

  2. Disease management

  3. Water quality monitoring

  4. Dried smoked fish

  5. Esan style sour fish sausage

  6. Fermented fish paste

  7. Fermented fish powder

  8. Fish and shrimp cracker

  9. Hot smoked fish

  10. More...

IPB University

  1. Seafood traceability

  2. Shark authentication

  3. Seafood safety

  4. Sensory evaluation

Univ of Gadjah Mada

  1. Molecular technique

  2. Seaweed farming

  3. Product development

  4. Others

Jakarta Fisheries Univ

  1. Fish feed production

  2. HDPE-lined shrimp farming

  3. Seaweed farming

  4. Catfish farming

  5. Others



  1. Tilapia broodmanagement

  2. Market for marine fish

  3. Health & Biosecurity

  4. Aqua feed

  5. Genetics

  6. Marine fish breeding

  7. Marine fish culture

Nong Lam University

  1. Disease diagnosis

  2. Seed production

  3. Water quality analysis

  4. Nutrition

  5. Environment risk assessment

  6. Quality management system

Can Tho University

  1. Advanced catfish farming

  2. Advanced shrimp farming

  3. Aquaculture standards

  4. Shrimp diseases

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Please note that these courses are models only, our partners have many more courses. They can also design based on the need of the client groups. For more information Please contact us!


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