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Activities and outputs / deliverables
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WP1 - (Work-package 1) - Gap analysis click here

Existing similar curricula in Europe were identified. Weaknesses, gaps and needs in Asia were assessed. Based on these three four reports have been prepared. The following diagram shows the steps in brief what we did.

WP2 - Development of curricula and capacity-building

Professionals from Asian partners visited Europe and then develop new curricula and vocational training courses for their respective institutions to offer. New MSc curricula/courses developed incorporating internship programmes for each partner institution. Similarly, new vocational training courses have been developed and offered. A Virtual eLearning platform (VLE) has been developed to communicate, share courses, teaching materials and experiences.

WP3 - Academic staff training and preparation for delivery

For the courses developed, two delivery trainings were organized face-to-face in Thailand and Vietnam, and a virtual training for Indonesian teachers were organized along with developing a training manual. A testing period for new or improved existing courses were tried incorporating the courses already in the curricula,.

WP4 - Accreditation and delivery of the courses

Each partner university engaging in developing new curricula/courses took necessary actions to accredit/incorporate them in their MSc programs as a part of existing Master’s degree curricula. New curricula/courses developed based on the needs and improved delivery methods has been attracting more prospective students. Internship programme has also been helpful in providing field experience and opportunity to develop required skills.

WP5 - Quality plan

Project team had a system of conducting internal and external quality control processes/systems to ensure all the Work-packages produce high quality outcomes. Final external evaluation was done by independent expert and financial auditing by an established firm.

WP6 - Dissemination and Exploitation

Brochures and flyers, both hard copies as well as soft copies, were produced. Project webpage and a social media pages were created to update activities and outputs/deliverables. An international conference (virtual) was organized inviting lecturers of universities from Bangladesh, India, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan in addition to the partner countries / institutions. More importantly, three experts from private companies and an independent / retired persons were asked to present their experiences about curricula.

WP7 - Management & Coordination

Overall management of project, activity planning, communication among partners and other stakeholders, and liaise with EU were done done by the Project Coordinator being based at AIT, Thailand.

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