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Inception Workshop

A three-day “Curriculum Development for the Sustainable Seafood and Nutrition Security” inception workshop was conducted during April 18 - 20, 2018 at the Asian Institute of Technology Conference Centre (AITCC). About 5o participants from  all the collaborating partners of the project, professional experts and students participated in the workshop to discuss about the goal, objectives, activities, and budget allocation etc. for the effective project implementation.

Study Tour and Workshop at Trondheim, Norway

A five day study trip to Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) was organized during November 5 - 9, 2018. About 35 university teachers from partner institutions in Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and Greece participated actively to learn more ideas of making teaching and learning more effective and attractive especially focusing on student centred learning and connection with the community. At the same time, they also had opportunities to visit advanced laboratories and be familiar with new and sophisticated equipment. More importantly, a field visit to salmon farm and processing plant provided a lot of knowledge and ideas of the real businesses.

Study Tour and Workshop at the University of Stirling, UK

A five day study trip and series of seminars and workshops were organized during February 11-15, 2019. About 35 university professors participated the program which focused on developing teaching course modules, VET course outlines, and practicals. During the program, participants also learned about ethical consideration of handling live animals for research along with need of strict health and safety procedures in laboratories for animal as well as students themselves. A visit to Marine Harvest Salmon farm in Loch Leven gave another insight on salmon farming.

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