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Inception Workshop

A four-day “Curriculum Development for the Sustainable Seafood and Nutrition Security” workshop was conducted from April 18 - 21, 2018. The agenda and the schedule of the workshop was provided well in advance. The workshop hall at Asian Institute of Technology Conference Centre (AITCC) was filled by all the collaborating partners of the project four partners from Europe and nine from Asia.


More than 45 participants; 29 from project partners from Europe and Asia, remaining were the professional experts from various organizations were present including AIT MSc and doctoral students, representatives from other organizations such as Network of Aquaculture Centre in the Asia Pacific (NACA), South East Asian Fisheries Development for Economic Cooperation (SEAFDEC) and King Mongkut Institute of Technology (KMITL).

Dr Ram C. Bhujel, as a Project Coordinator, welcomed the participants. AIT Vice-President for Academic Affairs Prof. S. Kumar was invited to deliver the opening address. He graciously accepted the request. During his speech he highlighted the objectives of the project and claimed that it is one step forward from existing programs that AIT had with European Union (EU). He expressed his feelings that this project is very much fitted with the AIT’s goal and its major activities especially curriculum development which is exercised once in every four years for all the courses offered by AIT. He spoke passionately about the exigencies of production of seafood on the global stage. He promoted how the collaboration and sharing of knowledge between Asia and Europe could benefit. Its high time we need to take action fearlessly in the real world to remain passionately hopeful. During the remaining time of the Day 1, and other full two days were spent on clarifying the proposal including plans, partner’s roles and responsibilities, scheduling of activities, budget and others.

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