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A3.4 SSNS Centres

The main objective of establishing these centres is to offer training courses, internship and outreach programs under one umbrella within each university so that they can provide services to the communities especially students, farmers, and other professionals who are in need of new and updated knowledge and skills in the field of sustainable seafood and nutrition security. At the same time, they will generate income organizing these activities and become an independent or financially sustainable units.

SSNS Centres were planned first by developing the SSNS Centre framework and then they were established in partner Universities in Asia with the co-funded by EU under the Erasmus+ programme are given below. The Centres are at different stages of operation. 


A report has been prepared and made available at this link.


  1. AIT – Centre for the Development of Aquaculture (Aqua-Centre)

  2. Maejo Univ - Centre of Excellence for Fisheries and Aquaculture Research (CEFAR)

  3. KKU – Seafood and Nutrition Security Coordinating Centre (SNS-CC)


  1. JFU - Institute of Productivity, Research, Innovation and Development for Fisheries

  2. IPB - Research Centre of Excellence: Sustainable Seafood and Nutrition Security (RCoE: SSNS)

  3. UGM – Centre for Seafood Security and Sustainability (C-SSS)


  1. RIA1 - SASSC (Sustainable Aquaculture and Seafood Security Center)

  2. Nong LamSSNS Centre (click here)

  3. Can Tho - Centre for Advanced Aquaculture and Seafood Research & Technology Transfer (CASRT)

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