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Training is available in a wide range of topics e.g. breeding and grow-out techniques of Tilapia, Catfish, Pangasius, Shrimp, Sea bass, Snakehead, Shrimp/prawn, Crabs, Oysters,  Musselss, Seaweeds and others. Similarly, we also include various models of aquaculture systems and management techniques such as integrated farming, re-circulating aquaculture, aquaponics, fertilization, feeding, feed formulation and feed manufacturing business, and so on. Detailed List of training and their topics are provided in this page (Click here)

Study tours

Study tour: is either a stand-alone or a part of the training mentioned above, organized to visit government stations, markets and successful private farms to have conversation with farmers who can give you some secrets to success. Depending upon the needs of the clients, the length and type of tour would be customized.


We provide consulting services to the private companies as well as for government agencies or NGOs for the following services:

  • Planning for aquaculture projects

  • Designing aquaculture hatcheries and grow-out farms (e.g. tilapia hatcheries around the world)

  • Designing aquaculture farms (ponds, cages, and tanks)

  • Designing and installing aquaponics, Biofloc, RAS and other systems),

  • Designing breeding systems for various ornamental fish species

  • Designing integrated farms

Product testing

we have tested many feed ingredients of commercial products of several companies of Europe; namely, Anpario (UK), Biomin (Austria), Delacon (Austria), Patent (Serbia), Lucta (Spain), and others using our well-equiped experimental facility controlled environment.

Materials and supplies

We work with a number of companies which can supply different products, equipment and materials required for fish farming and fishing. We can facilitate import and export as well including live animals especially brood fry which require special permission and health certificate.

Products and materials supplies include:

  1. Broodfish fry (Nile tilapia, red tilapia, catfish, Pangasius etc.)

  2. Tilapia hatching jars

  3. TIlapia trays (plastic and alumnium)

  4. Hapas (breeding hapa 12m x 5m, nursing 5m x 2m and sex-reversal 3m x 2m)

  5. Cage nets (different sizes)

  6. Fish harvesting nets

  7. Pond cover nets against birds, snakes, and others)

  8. Scoop nets (for egg harvesting, fry collection etc.)

  9. Hand nets (for egg cleaning and disinfection)

  10. Fry graders (4mm, 5mm, up to 9 mm sizes, aluminium or polystyrene)

  11. Feeds & feed supplements (MT, Vitamin & mineral mixtures)

  12. Live feed seeds (Artemia, moina etc.)

  13. Water quality test kits (Ammonia, Nitrite, Nitrate, pH, etc.

  14. DO Meter, pH meter and salino-meter

  15. Pumps for aeration, water lifting/pumping, draining, etc.) 

  16. Solar powered paddle wheels

  17. Many other items (please contact with specifications).

  18. Hormones for fish breeding i.e. Ovaprim, LHRHa or Suprefact & Motilium


Additional services to provide/facilitate include:

  1. Health certificate for live animal import/export

  2. Quality monitoring of monosex tilapia fry (% male and histology)

  3. Certificate of monosex fry quality

  4. Water quality monitoring (DO, temperature, pH, Alkalinity, Ammonia, Nitrite, Nitrate, TDS, )

  5. Feed quality analysis (proximate analysis, stability test, palatability tests)

  6. Other lab tests for flesh, soil and water.

Testing of feed, water and fish

We also assist in:

- Proximate analysis e.g. Crude protein, lipid, fibre and ash.

- % of male in tilapia fry population (fry quality)

- testing various parameters of water quality e.g. Ammonia, nitrite, etc.

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