2020-06-27 by Ram Bhujel

Day 5

Day 5:Finally concluded discussing the output quality, sustainability and impacts. The meeting also highlighted the improvements among the training organized in Thailand (September 2019), Vietnam (November 2019) and Indonesia (June 2020 - online). The project team also discussed about the indicators of success or the results achieved so far, plan for remaining activities and possibility of project extension due to COVID19. Thanks to all who provided their expert opinion and shared their experiences, and also to those who listened and learned patiently. Special thanks are due to organizers or host partners and their teams.

2020-06-25 by Ram Bhujel


Four hosts has presented Internship activities at their farm/factory or stations. An Eel farm, a company started by the JFU graduate, CJ Feed&Care - a Korean company looking for more collaborations with universities, and a Sea Farming stations are the examples of internship placements for Indonesian partners. 

The second part of the training was about virtual learning environment (VLE) which has been compulsion due to COVID19. Project envisioned the scope and the need when the proposal was submitted to EU about 3 years back. This was one of the component, behind receiving a high score for the proposal and categorizing it as top "A" grade, while most others were B and C.

2020-06-24 by Ram Bhujel


Formerly Jakarta Fisheries University (JFU) presented its post-graduate curricula and other details. One of the most remarkable success was internship program offered to the graduate students linking education with the industry. Number of student enrollment has declined since 2013 to present due mainly to reduction in government scholarships; However, recent trend is that more and more private fee paying students are enrolling. Implementation of internship program sounds to have added value to the academic degree which was one of the objectives of the project. Many other aspects were discussed with a view to improving curricula as well as teaching tools and methods. More to discuss on the next two days. Thanks to everyone who participated.

2020-06-23 by Ram Bhujel


Prof Panut Mulyono, Rector of University of Gadjah Mada (UGM), Yogyakarta, welcomed the participants, Dr Djumanto, Dean of the Faculty and Dr Alim Isnansetyo, Head of Department presented the curriculum, training courses, internship programs and project activities at UGM. participants discussed about the courses newly developed and improved from the existing one as a part of project activities, missing gaps, teaching tools and methods used, training programs, field visits, internships, laboratory activities and so on. More importantly, recent graduates and current students were asked about their experiences, feelings or feed back so that problems could be addressed and solutions could be found which was the main purpose of this project. It was felt that the EU Erasmus project was timely to address the situation, and also its making good impacts. Hope for good.

2020-06-22 by Ram Bhujel


Teachers' Training Program under the curriculum development for seafood and nutrition security went well. MSc program in Aquatic Product Technology started in 2005, reached peak in 2012-2013, then decreased alarmingly as in many other universities in Asia including Thailand. There is a need to address this problem. The main strategy is to improve in the existing curricula and apply innovative teaching methodologies. Therefore, contribution of SSNS is expected to be significant. During this Webinar on the Day 1 session, their MSc courses, training and internship developed by IPB (Bogor Agriculture University) were discussed. Suggestions and recommendations were made for improvement. More than 50 teachers from European and Asian book part in the session. Hope to see more in the days to come. Day 2 i.e. 23rd June, will be the turn to discuss the courses of University of Gadjah Mada, Yogyakarta. Thanks to host, IPB.

The Teachers' training (Indonesia) Day 1

2020-06-20 by Ram Bhujel

Teachers Training Indonesia

Postponed twice due to COVID19, the Teachers Training Program under the EU Erasmus+ programme of the EU SSNS project has been scheduled to be organized using Zoom / video conferencing during June 22-26, 2020. We will be having teachers of Indonesian partners universities and their students to actively participate. In addition, there are more speakers / trainers from Europe such as NTNU, Norway, University of Thessaly, Greece, and Univ of Stirling, UK. This training is the third of its kind - the first was in Thailand and the second was in Vietnam


2020-05-29 by Ram Bhujel

Topics: Innovative tilapia hatchery technology, tilapia strains in Indonesia, and others.

Organized by recently established centre under the EU Erasmus project, namely; Centre for Seafood Security and Sustainability, University of Gasdah Mada University, Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

Contact: Dr. Alim Isnansetyo

Email: isnansetyo@ugm.ac.id

2019-12-1 by Nlu-hcmc Tunasia

Project Presentation


NLU introduce TUNASIA and SSNS projects in The Second ASEAN-Japan Meeting Point of Collaboration by Stakeholders and Researchers for Reducing Environmental Problems in ASEAN Countries- December 11, 2019, Nay Pyi Taw, Myanmar

Attention: 11 ASEAN countries with more than 250 participants

2019-11-29 by Ram Bhujel


Teachers' training programme in Can Tho University is going well. We had good interactions with teachers and good suggestions from the students to improve the current courses, programmes and the teaching methods. Thanks to all!

2019-11-27 by Ram Bhujel

Day 2 Vietnam Teachers Training.jpg

Teachers' training at Nong Lam University, Ho Chi Minh City. Discussion and practice to improve/develop course outlines of degree courses, training and internship programs, practice of VLE/online course offering.

2019-11-27 by Ram Bhujel

Day 2 Vietnam Teachers Training.jpg

Teachers' training at Nong Lam University, Ho Chi Minh City. Discussion and practice to improve/develop course outlines of degree courses, training and internship programs, practice of VLE/online course offering.

2019-10-10 by Ram Bhujel

Field visit: October 23, 2019 - Sustainable Seafood and Nutrition Security 07:30 hrs - gather in front of Aqua-Centre

- First visit Seafood market in Talat Thai, then go to Kloong 5 DoF station, Catfish farm, large tilapia ponds (Mr Prasert), and cage culture along the Canal no. 13 return back.

Students are supposed to collect information about the species type, prices, feeding, rate, frequency, cost, FCR, etc. and feed sources / ingredients, fertilizers and economics of feed business.

2019-09-21 by Ram Bhujel


Teacher's training program for Thailand concluded in Maejo University, Chiang Mai observing teaching, discussing with students, and doing exercise to improve course outline and overall teaching methods. We also had a very fruitful project meeting to discuss about lessons learned which will be used to plan for the similar training programs in Vietnam and Indonesia in November and February respectively. Thanks to all teachers and students of all the partners from Thailand, and also partners from Europe, who worked hard to make this event exciting and fruitful.

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